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Video Prodüksiyon



Backstage Media provides video production services that are suitable for your brand's needs. Corporate promotional films, interview shootings, event promotion and teaser shots, customer testimonial videos, training videos, event shootings, press launches and product promotions are some of the vast solutions we offer.

​Our director staff provides the right service with the correctly selected up to date equipment for your project. When the filming is done, Your videos will quickly be arranged, edited and delivered to you by our experienced editor team.

Backstage Media, whose aim is to take your business one step further, increases your visibility on digital platforms with the video services suitable for the need. In many different video production services such as interview withdrawal, teaser and event shooting, our priority is to provide quality, fast and result-oriented service.

Here are some of the video solutions we offer:

  • Interview Videos

  • Educational Videos

  • Content for Social Media (Product and Service Promotion)

  • Video for Events and Organizations

  • Concert and Conference Videos

  • Award Ceremony Videos

  • Videos for Internal Communication

  • Launch Meetings

  • Testimonial Videos

  • Case Studies


Contact us for all your video needs!



Pürtelaş sk. no. 78 - 5 Beyoğlu -Istanbul
Karveel 13, 1132 GT,  Volendam -  Netherlands

            Let us help you with your needs on video solutions.

Thank you, We will be answering your question as soon as possible.

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