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Backstage Media offers unique solutions for your projects with its professional team for internet live broadcast, audience infrastructure, video player and video technologies.


Backstage Media provides all the details for the internet live broadcast on your behalf by providing all the details for your projects to make your projects more effective and provide your projects to the top. Webcast, which brings together different speakers from multiple cities or countries by improving the live broadcast of the Internet, also makes a difference in corporate solutions such as video conferences.


Backstage Media, which has been performing online broadcasts abroad and domestic connections to date, offers unique and solution-oriented services for live broadcast and video technologies. Online broadcast, video conference, Webcast for your target audience, such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and 29 different platforms. We offer special internet solutions at points where the internet connection is insufficient for online broadcast.


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Pürtelaş sk. no. 78 - 5 Beyoğlu -Istanbul
Karveel 13, 1132 GT,  Volendam -  Netherlands

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